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Boys Programs

We have provided many pages sharing the information concerning our boys specific programs and tracks. Use the following links to see how Star Guides can help your Son in overcoming addictions.

Wilderness Therapy

Why Outdoors and how can Star Guides Wilderness Program help you and your son?
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Disrupting Digital and Process Addiction Behaviors

From the time they were old enough to touch a screen, they have been interfacing continuously with technology.  As many parents are learning by hard experience, unplugging your child from his/her technology can be a disruptive ordeal for the entire family.
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Sexual Addiction Problems

Few behaviors can be as potentially devastating to a young person’s future as sexual offending. The ramifications carry long lasting negative consequences. For youth and young adults in this situation, STAR Guides delivers the most impactful, life-changing therapeutic experience available for sexual behavior problems.

Sexual Compulsivity Program

Because of the ease of access to explicit media and the potency of today’s pornography, many parents are faced with the difficult and uncomfortable task of addressing pornography use and sexual behavior problems by their children.
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Sex Offenses

Few challenges that families face today can be as heart breaking as sexual abuse within a family. Because of the sexualization of our culture and the ease of access to pornography among other factors, more and more families are having to deal with sexual offending behavior in their children.
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Psycho Sexual Evaluation

For teens struggling with sexual behavior problems, completing a psycho-sexual assessment is a primary focus of placement in the program. A psycho-sexual assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that is used to analyze a youth’s psychological and sexual functioning.
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