Boys Wilderness Treatment – Disrupting Patterns

Many youth today have never experienced a day without technology.

From the time they were old enough to touch a screen, they have been interfacing continuously with technology.  As many parents are learning by hard experience, unplugging your child from his/her technology can be a disruptive ordeal for the entire family.  The addictive nature of pornography creates additional complexities for youth already dependent on their technology.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Program For Teen Cyber-Sexual Addiction

Wilderness treatment places a youth in an outdoor setting, surrounded by nature and completely disconnected from technology and the conveniences of modern society.

Fewer and fewer youth are actually spending time outdoors and connected to  natural world, but instead become engulfed by the world of cyberspace.  Being in nature allows for reflection regarding one’s place in the universe.  Many youth have become entitled and detached from the reality of their vulnerabilities as teens.  Time in the wilderness can be a “wake-up Call” and provide a needed sense of humility and perspective.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Specialty Program For Teen Sexual Acting Out

Wilderness treatment adds a physical dimension to a youth's experience

Being comfortable in nature requires constant work and effort. Being in nature require a greater degree of physical effort than what most youth are accustomed to exerting. Many youth have become creatures of comfort and unable to deal with discomfort on any level.

From hiking to the top of a desert peak and enjoying the vista from the summit while experiencing the sensation of the cool breeze on the mountain, to the excitement of finally blowing a small coal into a flame and creating fire from sticks, time spent in the wilderness allows youth to experience a sense of peace, accomplishment and satisfaction that simply can’t be found in cyberspace or other dependencies in which many of today’s youth become entangled including maladaptive sexual behavior.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Help For Teen Pornography and Sexual Addiction

Wilderness Treatment demands personal responsibility

Wilderness treatment involves youth taking responsibility for every aspect of their well-being from cooking for themselves, to cleaning and maintaining their own cooking equipment,  to learning to reside in a group community setting with other youth and most importantly learning to find a sense of okayness within themselves away from all other dependencies in their life.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Primitive Living = Authentic Learning

Wilderness Treatment reveals who the youth is at their 'core' and allows for the development of an 'authentic identity'

Many youth today insulate from their authentic self through dependency on technology, music, friends, and material possessions.    Primitive living in a wilderness setting cuts away the insulation and reveals who the young person is at their “inner core”.  In this vulnerable condition, therapy becomes much more effective and the youth is able to begin to develop an “authentic identity” based on true strengths and weaknesses.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Developing Authentic Identity Unplugged From Technology

There is no greater disruption to technology addiction and compulsive sexual behavior than time in the wilderness.

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