Keely Roper

Keely is a Jack, or should I say “Jill” of all trades. Due to her extensive life experiences she’s been involved in things such as theatre production and makeup, to wilderness survival and transporting troubled teens across the country. She became a Massage Therapist in 1999. In the fall of 2002 she following her older sibling’s footsteps and started as a field staff at a wilderness company. She worked her way through this program to the highest level in the field, a Senior Instructor or “legendary staff”. After three years in the field she was given the position of Assistant to the Medical Director. In 2005, she moved on from wilderness to residential treatment centers and transporting teens to programs.

Throughout this time, Keely has had the rare opportunity to see the entire process a student goes through in treatment. She’s seen the intervention, struggle and transformation countless times. Her favorite part is that moment when a student’s accomplishments begin to ignite a light in their eyes. Whether it be from making their first fire, to hiking the highest peak in the field, to a sudden realization that they are of value, that light is her motivating factor.

Keely was honored to receive the “Earth Name” of Dancing Rain because she is a dancer, she dances through life on and off stage. The rain is nurturing, giving life to the land and its people, and as it patters on the tarp, it sings us to sleep just as Dancing Rain does.

Keely has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatrical Arts from Dixie State University, with an emphasis in performance, costume and education. She was the Student Senator for the Education Department where she was able to work in a group of other senators making crucial decisions for attending students. During her tenure as a student, this girl from small town Utah had the opportunity to perform internationally, from the Great Wall of China to the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 2014, Keely was honored to be given the opportunity to explore and map out the desired field for a newly started Star Guides Organization, and help start their wilderness program as a field staff training the next generation. She was out in the field before there were any students, and was able to train some of the first staff and welcome some of the first students in the field. One of the staff, she trained, in an interesting twist of fate, ended up falling in love with her and they married nearly two years later. She is now the mother of the coolest boy ever.

After graduating from DSU, Keely moved to Northern Utah, started her own massage business as well as running the Utah chapter of a corporate massage business. While there, the love of her life sought her out, swept her off her feet and, after a month-long camping trip in New Zealand, brought her back to Southern Utah where she was given a position as the Family Relations Coordinator at Star Guides.

Keely is in a constant state of learning. She continues her love for and education in the massage modalities; though she is not practicing, she mentors massage therapists in training. Even with her work, mentoring, and being an awesome mother and wife, she is in the process of becoming a Certified Nutritional Consultant.