Is internet pornography re-wiring the brains of adolescents

Is Internet Pornography Re-Wiring the Brains of Adolescents?

By Star Guides Wilderness | Addiction To Pornography , Porn Addiction , Pornography Addiction

As more and more science supports the addictive nature of internet pornography, there is particular alarm about the potential effect it can have on adolescents. In today’s always-connected, technologically advanced world, it’s almost impossible to prevent teenagers from having easy access to porn. Could this exposure actually be rewiring the brains of adolescents? Research suggests […]

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Teenage Boy Addicted To Video Gaming At Home

Video Game Addiction Signs – Have they changed since 2012

By StarGuides Wilderness Staff | Game Addiction Help , Gaming Addiction , Gaming And Social Media Addictions , Video Game Addiction

Recently we stumbled upon an article from CNN written back in 2012 entitled “5 warning signs of gaming addiction”. One of the leaders in that field is Dr. Han Doug-hyun, from Chung-Ang University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea’s capital. Han’s research lab treats people who are addicted to games using techniques similar to those used […]

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