Gemini group conquers Square Top

By Matt Bulkley | Blog Education Series

STAR Guides Wilderness - Gemini group conquers Square Top

Congratulations to the our Gemini group for reaching the highest point in the STAR Guides field–the summit of Square Top! We are proud of the effort that this group of girls and their field instructors have shown.

This amazing group of girls has progressed from the point of barely being able to hike one mile to a water source to now being able to boast about the prestigious accomplishment of standing on the summit of Square Top.

Like so many of the tasks and experiences that accompanies life in the wilderness, reaching the top of Square Top serves a symbol of change and growth for each of these adolescents in their own personal journey toward healing and recovery in the lives.

About the Author

Matt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working in the field of youth treatment and psychotherapy since 1995. He did his undergraduate work at BYU and earned his M.S.W. at the University of Utah. He has worked in a variety of treatment setting in his career ranging from wilderness therapy and residential treatment to outpatient treatment and state government.

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