Psycho Sexual Evaluation

What is a Psycho-sexual assessment?

For teens struggling with sexual behavior problems, completing a psycho-sexual assessment is a primary focus of placement in the program. A psycho-sexual assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that is used to analyze a youth’s psychological and sexual functioning. The assessment examines multiple facets of a youth’s profile including personality, intelligence, cognitive ability, academics, social capability, sexual interests, attitudes and behaviors as a means of determining risk for re-offending or acting out sexually in the future as well for identifying academiimgc and treatment needs. Frequently youth whose sexual behaviors have resulted in legal problems are ordered by a court to complete this assessment. There is not better environment for this evaluation to occur than the wilderness. In this setting, external distractions are eliminated allowing for an accurate and unskewed assessment to occur.

Youth Psychosexual evaluations are administered by clinical psychologists who have specialized training in treating sexual deviancy in adolescents. The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) recommends professionals have at least 2,000 hours of face-to-face contact with youth with sexual issues prior to consideration as a qualified evaluator. Dr. Daniel Sanderson clinical director at STAR Guides wilderness meets this criteria and conducts these evaluations.

We recommend that all STAR Guides participants complete the evaluation even if it is not court ordered. The findings and recommendations provide valuable guidance and direction for parents and professionals for future decisions about the needs of the youth. Listed are common sexual behaviors that warrant completing the assessment:

STAR Guides Wilderness - Psycho Sexual Evaluation

  • Pornography/cyber-sex addiction
  • voyeurism
  • Exposing/exhibitionism
  • Fetishes/taking others undergarments
  • Frotteursim/Sexual boundary issues with others
  • Illegal or unwanted sexual activity including:
  • sexual activity with younger children.
  • sexual activity with family members such as siblings/ step-siblings.
  • sexual activity with a non-consenting partner.
  • sexual activity with animals.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Psycho Sexual Evaluation For Teen Girls

Finding a program that specializes in teen sex problems can be a challenge.  STAR Guides wilderness provides both assessment and treatment services for adolescent sexual behavior issues.

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