Help For Teen Sexual Problems Treatment Failure

When outpatient treatment fails

The unfortunate reality is that most teens struggling with sexual behavior problems including sexual addiction and sexual offending don’t participate in professional treatment.  Traditionally the treatment has consisted of attendance to outpatient therapy services, typically once weekly over a period of several months.

For the teens who do participate in outpatient treatment, some continue to struggle with the sexual compulsive behavior problems despite attendance to therapy sessions.  Consider the following example: We recently worked with a  17 year-old male who had been addicted to pornography since the age 13 and was unable to break free from the addiction on his own and even with extended outpatient treatment, his longest period of ten days of abstinence before falling back into the addiction.  As a result, he had started experiencing depression, feelings of failure and self-loathing which lead to his school failure and social isolation.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Help For Teen Sexual Problems Treatment Failure

Another example is a 15 year-old male who has been unwilling to consistently attend court-ordered sexual offenses treatment. The teen has a bad attitude about attending therapy and is struggling to take accountability for the sexual offense he had committed. Despite his parents best efforts, he simply refuses to get into the car to drive to the counseling offices. He tends to minimize and justify his offending behavior and as a result of poor attendance to therapy is dismissed from his outpatient counseling program resulting his being referred back to court and possibly ordered to detention.

In cases such as these, outpatient counseling is simply not enough to disrupt the pattern of addiction and problem sexual behaviors and allow the teen to begin to experience the success of managing life effectively without a dependency on pornography and sexual addictive behaviors. These situations require a more intensive intervention for disrupting the problematic behaviors and creating the opportunity for the teen to experience success on his own.

When outpatient treatment fails, Star Guides Wilderness is an ideal option for disrupting problematic sexual behavior patterns and creating opportunities for a young person to begin to experience what it feels like to manage emotions effectively, free from sexual addiction as an avoidance from uncomfortable emotions.  Talking about sexual behavior problems is difficult under any circumstances for teens so hiding behind technology such as a smart phone, I-pod or video game becomes a way that some avoid dealing with these difficult issues. Unlike any other treatment venue including outpatient or residential treatment, wilderness therapy has a way of breaking down the resistance that teens have to talking about the sexual issues with which they are struggling.

STAR Guides Wilderness - Help For Teen Sexual Problems Treatment Failure

In the wilderness setting, it becomes impossible to hide behind technology or to tap into other dependencies to modern society that can be used for avoidance. Under these conditions, participants are able to find new perspective and begin the process of making the needed changes to improve their lives. Teens struggling with sexual addiction, sexual compulsive behavior and even sexual offending behaviors are able to engage in a therapeutic process designed to disrupt dependency on technology and begin engaging in treatment to strengthen their emotional coping skills. It is through learning to manage life problems by developing healthy coping skills that allows teens to recover from the grasp that sexual compulsive behaviors have had on their young lives.

We are excited to offer parents , families and courts an option for treatment for teens who have failed outpatient counseling programs and for teens who are simply resistant to attend therapy. With treatment at Star Guides, treatment failure is simply not an option.

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