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STAR Guides navigates teenage boys beyond their addictions by generating unprecedented emotional growth through specialized wilderness treatment. Technology/gaming/phone addictions, reckless deceptive on-line behavior and pornography/cyber-sex addictions are among the many issues addressed in the boys-only programs.

STAR Guides navigates adolescent girls beyond their addictions by generating unprecedented emotional growth through specialized wilderness treatment. Wilderness is not something we typically think of ever doing with our teen girls but the personal insight, strength and growth they gain through this unique treatment experience will be a source of power they will use the rest of their lives. Sexual trauma, social media addictions, promiscuity, reckless deceptive on-line behavior and pornography/cyber-sex addictions are also among the varied issues treated in the girls-only programs.

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Why Star Guides?

92% of teens report going online daily — including 24% who say they go online “almost constantly"

Percentage of teenagers "13 - 17" online daily use:


Why Wilderness?

Wilderness provides the perfect venue for your teen to unplug and reset. Imagine your child laying under the stars, breathing clean air, listening to whispering breezes, smelling the aroma of a smoldering fire, juniper & sage…without any peer or technology noise. It’s safe — still — open. It’s a life disruption that is impossible to deliver in a traditional treatment world.

Many youths today end up on a Developmental Vacation (R), missing opportunities to develop their “true self” because of the dependencies they have on technology, social media, gaming, friends, and material possessions.

Primitive living in an outdoor setting cuts through the insulation created by dependencies & trauma to reveal who the young person is at their “inner core.”

The wilderness experience provides a foundation for our strategic therapy to take hold and the youth is finally able to begin developing an “authentic identity” based on true strengths and weaknesses not on perceived avatars or peer images.

Misuse of technology and a “hyper-sexualized” culture lead increasing numbers of teens to become entangled in many dangerous and addictive behaviors that require professional help to overcome.

Based in beautiful St. George, Utah STAR Guides provides teens with a high impact, life-changing therapeutic wilderness experience in the heart of the majestic red rock high desert of Southern Utah. STAR Guides is the ideal intervention for teens needing to learn how to manage the problematic behaviors that are overwhelming their lives and damaging their family relationships.

What Parents are Saying:

“STAR Guides was a life saver for our family. Our son was suffering from depression, hopelessness and self-hatred because of his continued failures to break his addictions. We didn’t know how to help him and were so worried. We are so grateful for his wilderness experience and the amazing growth and progress he made. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the team – Doc Dan, Matt, Kena and the wonderful field instructors!”

– Parent 2014

“The changes in our daughter are amazing! We had lost all trust because of her lying, sneaking out and lack of respect. We had tried to get her to counseling in the past, but she refused. It wasn’t until we got her into treatment at STAR Guides that she was able to get the help she needed to heal from her past traumas that she was avoiding through her out of control behaviors. STAR Guides was such a blessing for our family!”

Steve and Laura C. – Florida

“We were devastated upon discovering the pattern of our son’s reckless on-line behavior. We felt powerless as he began to withdraw from everything important in life. Anything we did simply made matters worse including outpatient counseling, changing schools and attempting to keep him off the internet. Finding STAR Guides was an answer to prayers as we have our son back! His time in the wilderness truly resulted in his re-discovering his potential in life and he is happy again.”

Don and Rhonda T. – Arizona

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