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parent training for addiciton in teens

We invite all STAR Guides parents to participate in the Parent Webinar Series while your youth is attending STAR Guides.

The Purpose

We are hoping that during these workshops, we can partner with you, the caretakers, to help disrupt the unhealthy dynamics your teen may be stuck in. We also look forward to enhancing and improving your learning and understanding as your child progresses through the STAR Guides experience.

NOTE: All workshops will begin online at 1pm MST. Once registered for the dates desired, you will be give a link to access the workshop at 1pm MST on the dates selected.

Training Schedule





TIME: 1pm Mountain Time


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We will be offering parenting tools by including the foundations of the Developmental Vacation


Parent training for addiciton in teens

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checked-correct-right-yes-checkmark-12Phases of Treatment Progression
checked-correct-right-yes-checkmark-12Extinction Burst/Staying the course
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We will also be discussing the study of current literature and research relating to developmental issues, particular sexual concerns, and parenting challenges.

As your child progresses through their program and towards transitions, these sessions can be used for troubleshooting, problem solving & connecting with other parents.

These calls are meant to be interactive. We hope you will feel comfortable as we collectively learn and share. We are offering parents a forum to express concerns or provide input about the topics and convey any questions they may have. All parents will be given opportunities to speak and collaborate for the benefit of their children and STAR Guides.

If at any point, you desire a more specific, in-depth sessions with Doc Dan we can arrange those on an as-needed basis.

We believe that by working with both parents and their teens we can maximize more of the elements needed for the teen to have their best opportunity for success.

Join us as we begin this new milestone in helping families.

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