Specialized Treatment Programs For Teen Sexual Problems

Star Guides is the country’s most specialized treatment program for teen sexual issues.

Star Guides is absolutely unique among therapeutic programs for teens because of its specific focus on diagnostic assessment and treatment of teen sexual and relational behavior issues offering counseling and therapy options for both males and females.  Unlike other teen therapeutic programs that treat a broad range of behavior issues, Star Guides Wilderness provides a specialized therapeutic setting that allows for process of difficult sexual behavior problems to occur.  Because of the sensitive and personal nature of these issues, a traditional therapeutic setting is simply not equipped to treat these issues.  Star Guides treatment groups enable a youth to feel safe to disclose sensitive sexual issues free of fear, embarrassment and shame under the guidance of highly trained therapists that specialize in teen sexual issues.

What We Treat

Dual Diagnosis | Co-Existing Disorders

Often, teen sexual behavior problems are co-occurring or dual diagnosis issues.  Unfortunately, sexual behavior issues are a “rule-out” criteria for many treatment programs which creates difficulties for parents seeking treatment for their teen in need of therapy services. Most teen treatment programs will treat typical mental health and substance abuse issues that teens struggle with, but very few are able to treat sexual behavior issues.  Star Guides provides comprehensive assessment and psychotherapy counseling services for teens and young adults struggling with sexual behavior issues and the following co-occurring issues:

STAR Guides Wilderness - Depression

STAR Guides Wilderness - Mental Illness

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