STAR Guides Wilderness Aims to Help Teens Learn how to Achieve Healthy Sexuality

By Matt Bulkley | Blog Education Series

STAR Guides Wilderness - STAR Guides Wilderness Aims to Help Teens Learn how to Achieve Healthy Sexuality

Therapists at STAR Guides believe that any youth, regardless of their past, can achieve healthy sexuality

Experts in the field of childhood abuse believe that many atypical sexual tendencies and problematic behavior start at a young age. If the signs and symptoms are recognized at this early age and the right treatment is provided, then these issues can be resolved, ensuring these issues aren’t carried into adulthood and don’t become the cause of other mental health and psychological issues.

STAR Guides Wilderness therapy program has been developed to achieve these goals. The therapists at STAR Guides believe that no matter the history of the child or their offenses, with the right course of action, they can be rehabilitated. The key, according to their experts is early intervention and disruption of their behavior.

STAR Guides clinicians approach the treatment plan according to their acronym, STAR, which stands for Sexual compulsivity, Trauma/Abuse, Assessment and Recovery. They start the treatment of teens, by identifying their particular Sexual compulsivity. This can present as a sexual disorder, sexual addiction, hyper-sexuality or different sexual obsessions. After the identification of the problem the STAR Guides’ experts start searching for the cause of the issue.

Trauma and Abuse is believed to be the root cause of all sexual issues in adolescents. Matt Bulkley, therapist at STAR Guides Wilderness spoke about this very fact, saying, “Adolescents struggling with atypical sexual desires and other issues are dealing with their unresolved childhood trauma and abuse. Helping them deal with their history of abuse is the key to helping them overcome their sexual problems.”

Early intervention means that these issues must be caught and dealt with at a young age, and to do that, therapists at STAR Guides recommend a psycho-sexual Assessment. This can help them analyze the youth and identify the issues that they are dealing with. The Assessment can also help the therapists choose a course of treatment that will help the teens in the long run.

When all the steps mentioned above have been completed successfully and the correct treatment has been provided, then the youth can begin their recovery process. They can learn to cope with their issues in a positive way. But, the journey to healthy sexuality doesn’t end there; the therapists at STAR Guides also educate the parents about the role they can play, to help these tees become productive members of the society.

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STAR Guides is a first of its kind addiction therapy center. It offers uniquely designed wilderness therapy for adolescents struggling with sexual behavior issues. STAR Guides provides navigation for the whole family of people faced with the challenge of disruptive sexual behaviors. Sexual compulsivity, pornography, cyber-sex addiction and sexual offences are some of the issues that are treated in this program.

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Matt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working in the field of youth treatment and psychotherapy since 1995. He did his undergraduate work at BYU and earned his M.S.W. at the University of Utah. He has worked in a variety of treatment setting in his career ranging from wilderness therapy and residential treatment to outpatient treatment and state government.

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