Star Guides Wilderness: Sex Addiction Treatment For Teens

By Matt Bulkley | Addiction Recovery Today

STAR Guides Wilderness - Sex Addiction Treatment For Teens

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27th April- Maybe it is someone close, maybe it is a family member, no matter who it is facing sexual addiction, there comes a time when it starts to show in their attitude and behavior. If this is the case for someone you care about, then you should consider contacting STAR Guides Wilderness for the most in-depth treatment with a unique approach to compulsive sexual behavior issues in teens and young adults.

There can be numerous reasons behind pornography addiction and obsession with sex. One of the most prominent reasons is lack of communication between family members. This problem impacts a large number of families in the United State alone and results in problems like porn addiction. Being bullied at school may result in a teen developing a tendency to feel timid and developing a shy, introverted nature also can account for these problems.

Kena Frey at STAR Guides Wilderness explained, “An important aspect of our service is that we offer free consultations. Parents of the sexually addicted teen can contact us, after which our therapists explain parts of our program and how it can be tailored to suit each individual’s needs. We offer treatment programs for sexual offenders, sex addicts and porn addicts, both male and female.”

Explaining their therapies, Kena Frey added, “Perhaps what sets us apart from others is our unique approach through which we have achieved a high degree of success. Our wilderness therapy approach is incredibly effective–It helps psychologically and behaviorally affected teens create a new connection with nature. Activities like sleeping under a sky filled with stars and hikes help take the mind off porn and sex and focus on well-being. The natural environment also enables the individuals to develop an interest in the therapy and focus entirely on treatment.”

Sex and porn addiction is similar to other addictions and the causes, symptoms and results are the same as a person addicted to drugs or alcohol. The road to successful therapy can only be paved when the first step is taken at home. Parents should monitor their children’s computer usage, and exposure to media while having an approachable attitude so that a dialogue can occur with the teen.

When confirmed, that a teen is addicted, parents and guardians should consider a friendly discussion to evaluate if the individual is aware of his/her addiction. Then they should consider contacting a well-versed and effective therapy service like the STAR Guides Wilderness program, where experienced therapists can help with their related experience.

About the Company

Star Guides Wilderness is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who help teens and adolescents recover from sex and pornography addictions and the damages these disorders leave on their lives. The team shares a combined experience of 55 years in wilderness therapy, having assisted hundreds of families that were suffering from these problems.


Phone number: 800-584-4629

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Matt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working in the field of youth treatment and psychotherapy since 1995. He did his undergraduate work at BYU and earned his M.S.W. at the University of Utah. He has worked in a variety of treatment setting in his career ranging from wilderness therapy and residential treatment to outpatient treatment and state government.

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