Teen Sexual Recovery

Financial Information

STAR Guides Wilderness - Program For Teen Sexual Acting Out

STAR Guides Wilderness - Program For Pornography Addiction and Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Tuition Fee

Please contact our office for any inquiries. Our admissions office can assist you in a verification of benefits to determine whether your insurance policy will cover part of the treatment.

Psychological and Psycho-sexual Evaluation

*For Sexual Offenses Track–Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA) and Therapeutic Polygraph are included in the daily rate. A written report of these assessments will be provided to parents and the court (if applicable).

Additional Information

*30 days payment is required upon admission. Parent/Sponsor is billed every two weeks after 30 days.

*Scholarship privileges are available for selected families that qualify. Contact our admissions office for more information on these privileges.

Will insurance cover the entire treatment?

*Insurance companies, in some cases, will cover the treatment and in many cases will cover at least a portion of the treatment. Please contact our office to find out what portion your health insurance benefits may cover.

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