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For many teens, the adolescent years are spent socializing and building a network of friends. Some teens, however, struggle with socialization or experience challenges that make this potentially enjoyable time in their lives difficult. In lieu of healthy socialization, some youth turn to pornography and sexual compulsive behavior to fill their feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Making friends isn’t so easy for some. Teens who struggle with shyness avoid approaching peers or striking up conversations. While for some this shyness is a temporary struggle that they ultimately overcome, other teens go through their entire adolescence struggling to make or maintain friendships due to their shyness.  STAR Guides can help shy teens who have become stagnated in developing social skills due to their dependence on pornography and sexual addiction.

 STAR Guides Wilderness - Teen Social Problem

Shyness can become a significant social problem for many teens. Unsure of how to interact with others at school, church or in the community, shy teens feel awkward, uncomfortable and simply say nothing at all and flee the situation rather than attempt to talk their way out of discomfort. For shy teens, being coached and encouraged to talk, share emotions and connect with others is crucial.  Time in the wilderness at STAR Guides provides shy teens with the chance to work on talking, sharing emotions and connecting with others in the safety of a controlled setting.  This becomes particularly important for teens who have trauma issues which they have kept hidden and secret and not shared previously.

Another social problem that many teens struggle with is aggression. Fighting at school, a fascination with violent movies or video games or a profane and foul vocabulary suggest that the teen is struggling with aggression issues, or even a more pathological issue.  Some teens have been exposed to violent and aggressive pornographic material which has distorted their view of healthy sexuality.  The STAR Guides experience can be a great intervention for teens struggling with aggression as it helps funnel aggressive tendencies into positive social experiences with peers.  Parents come to recognize that limiting access to violent movies and video games can encourage appropriate face to face socialization and interaction with others. STAR Guides provides teens and parents with the chance to engage in straight-forward dialogue about the possible negative consequences of aggressive behavior on a teen’s life.

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